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Arriving 26th August 2021 - e-Learning

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Published:  August 26, 2021

The Highway Electrical Association (HEA) and the Highway Electrical Skills Academy (HESA) are pleased to announce the launch of our new e-Learning platform.

With the launch coming on 26th August 2021, the Highway Electrical e-Learning package concludes the full blended approach. The launch will initially focus on the course requirements for those registered under the Interim HERS Card and those applying for the Experienced Worker Card, these include course 101 to 106 and 201 (but equally available to all operatives who have not received this core training) along with the Re-Registration Invigilator course .

We have recognised that that not all approaches benefit each and everyone’s individual learning style, therefore the blended learning approach provides the greatest set of options.

The e-Learning experience will be seamless following the initial booking and enables the operative to take the booked course/s from any location with internet connection on a range of devices within a given timed period. Full certification will be issued following the successful completion of the end of course test.

We understand that some may have doubts in relation to the e-learning approach, however, HESA have incorporated a range of quality assurance measures that overcome common shortfalls with e-Learning and ensure the level of effective learning is assured, from in program exercises to the final test.
We are continuously looking to improve your experience with e-Learning and are looking into developing more courses in the near future.

Please check HEA website under HESA (from the top menu bar) for further details or click HERE to go to the booking form.


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