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Membership to the HEA is available to all UK organisations and individuals operating within the highway electrical sector (besides management organisations who sub-contract their works). Prospective members must meet our entry requirements and commit themselves to the standards detailed in our Bylaws and Code of Conduct documents.

The HEA consists of three membership types: HEA membership (contracting organisations), HEA-HEMSA membership (manufacturing organisations) and individual membership.

See below a flowchart providing a brief overview of the HEA membership registration process:



HEA membership

Contracting organisational members:
Organisations who supply contracting services within the highway electrical sector, including street lighting and traffic signals.

Client organisational members:
Central or local government organisations who are acting in a client or overseeing organisation capacity

HEA-HEMSA membership

Organisational members:
Organisations that manufacture, supply goods or offer services within the highway electrical sector. These goods or services must exclude contracting services.

Individual membership

Apprentice member:
Individuals who participate in a highway electrical apprenticeship.

Student member:
Students enrolled in a HEA recognised full-time, further education course

Affiliate member:
Must have an interest in the highway electrical industry.

Individuals from HEA organisational members, or from local authority or central government client departments may apply to become HEA individual members.

How to apply:

To become a member please complete the relevant application form and submit it to

Click here to download the application forms

Following this, prospective members shall be audited prior to the council considering if an application shall be approved. Please be aware only organisations who have been established for 2+ years will be formally considered by the council.

Every new member, upon election, shall be bound by the HEA bylaws, code of conduct and any other conditions the council may impose.

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