HERS Resources

HERS Resources

PPA Information and Centre Guidance

HESA Approved PPA Centres

PPA Centres approved by the Highway Electrical Skills Academy (HESA)

PPA | Learner Checklist | L2

Practical Performance Assessment (PPA) level 2 learner checklist. Issue 1.6 - 22/01/2020

PPA | Learner Checklist | L3

Practical Performance Assessment (PPA) level 3 learner checklist. Issue 4- February 2022.

PPA | Information for Learners and Employers

Information for the Employer and Learner to enable appropriate preparation before attending the independent PPA assessment. Issue 6 - February 2022.

PPA | Guidance for CBQ / NVQ Centres

This document provides information to CBQ-NVQ Assessment Centres on the requirements for this mandatory level of independent assessment. Issue 4 - February 2022.

PPA Assessor Application

Download the PPA Assessor Application Document. Issue 2 - February 2022.

PPA | Requirements for HESA Approved Centres - REQUEST

Practical Performance Assessment (PPA) for the Competency Based Qualifications in the Highway Electrical Sector.

Independent PPA Centre Approval Audit Checklist

Download the Independent PPA Centre Approval Audit Checklist. Issue 1.2 - 28/01/2016
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