Highway Electrical Registration Scheme

HERS Document Resources

Authorised Officers and Qualified Supervisors

Find details and booking forms for HERS AO and QS training courses, including the refresher courses.

CBQ_NVQ - Information for Employers

Essential employer information for the Highway Electrical Qualifications.

ECS H.E. Version Test Forms

Download ECS documents including the test order form and question bank

HERS Handbook and Training Specification

See documents relating to the NHSS8 / HERS Handbook and training specification.

HERS Portfolio Master Forms

Download NHSS8 HERS portfolio master forms.

HERS Registration System User Guides

Download the procedures for operating the HERS Registration System.

HESA Approved Trainers | Application Documents

Download the documents required to become a HESA approved training organisation.

HESA Approved Trainers | Approved Scopes

See the approved training scopes offered by HESA approved organisations.

NHSS8 HERS | Committee Documents

Download the NHSS8 HERS Committee Documents.

PPA Information and Centre Guidance

Information for Employers and Learners, plus PPA Centre, approval, assessor application and Learner checklists.
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