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HEA Resources

Health and Safety

Current HSE Guidance

Download the HSE guide on selecting a first-aid training provider. Please check the HSE website for the latest version.

Balfour Beatty | Safety Alert | RIDDOR

Initial Incident Notification issued by Balfour Beatty for an incident dated 25/01/2020.

BUUK Infrastructure | Safety Alert | Undermining of Street Lighting Columns

Safety Alert issued by BUUK Infrastructure on 03/10/2019 regarding the Undermining of Street Lighting Column.

Genie | Safety Alert | Turntable Rotation Bearing Bolts

Safety Alert issued by Genie on 29/01/2020 regarding Turntable Rotation Bearing Bolts.

HEA | Best Practice Guide

The HEA best practice guide for H.E. work on centre islands and pedestrian refuges. (Safety for planning or carrying out work on highway electrical and associated equipment). Issue 1.1 - February 2017

HEA | Changes to First Aid Regulations and Checklist

Changes to training to meet first aid regulations. Guidance for employers, auditors and HESA approved training organisations. Checklist for evaluating first aid trainers. Issue 1 - 19/12/2013.

HEA | Guidance Note | CDM 2015 Regulations

HEA Guidance Note. CDM 2015 Regulations (Applicability to Highway Lighting Design). Issue 1.1 - 09/04/2015

Highways England | Safety Alert | Alternative Fuelled Vehicles

Safety Alert issued by Highways England on 28/02/2020 about managing incidents involving alternative fuelled vehicles.

Highways England | Safety Alert | Cabinet 600 Mk6

Safety Alert issued by Highways England on 11/03/2020 regarding an Electrical Hazard with Cabinet 600 Mk6.

Highways England | Safety Alert | Lighting Column Failure

Safety Alert issued by Highways England on 13/01/2020 regarding Lighting Column failures.

Kier | Highways England | Safety Alert | Concrete Burn Incident

Safety Alert issued by Kier and Highways England on 11/02/2020 regarding a Concrete Burn Incident.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM)

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) are the main set of regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of construction projects
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