Award guide for the celebration of the year

HEA Annual Conference Exhibition & Awards
26 October 2023

There are three award categories, each with their own individual awards. Please note we are only accepting electronic entries this year, via the online webform below.

Submit your award nomination

The closing date for submissions is Monday 18th September 2023.

Help & Advice

Award Categories

INDIVIDUAL Nominations

HEA Trainee / Apprentice of the Year
HEA Leader of the Year
HEA Operative of the Year
HEMSA Employee of the Year
HEA Rising Star Award of the Year – HEA & HEMSA
Service To Industry Award – HEA & HEMSA

PRODUCT Nominations

HEMSA Innovative Product of the Year
HEA & HEMSA Safety Initiative
HEA-HEMSA Project of the Year
HEA-HEMSA Sustainable Project of the Year


HEA Member of the Year - 2 Awards
HEMSA Member of the Year - 2 Awards


Entries will be assessed by our HEA & HEA-HEMSA panel of judges based on the submissions. All judges are professional and impartial, and the material submitted will be treated as confidential.

During the judging process if any judge feels they have a potential conflict of interest this will be noted, and they will be excluded from judging that category.

Entry requirements

  • The entry must be in English.
  • The name of the individual nominee, project, product, or service you are entering.
  • A summary which covers the following (max 750 words):
    • Describe what makes the individual stand out from the crowd – what makes them special.
    • Describe the vision behind the project/initiative/ product, what prompted it’s development or implementation?
    • Describe the quantitative and qualitative benefits: what has been achieved to date?
    • Describe your project/initiative/product and how it overcomes the challenges facing the sector or a particular issue.
    • Next steps: What further plans do you have and how will you ensure that the benefits continue to make an impact as the learning from this project/initiative/product is developed?
    • Up to three forms of supporting evidence may be included, including testimonials where these are available. Personal or client testimonials are a powerful way of capturing the special nature of your nomination.
    • Other acceptable forms of evidence include, but are not limited to, statistics and financial results, video, and press coverage.

Tips to help

  • Try to really hit the criteria of the category you are entering and remember these awards will recognise true excellence.
  • Use images, bullet points and testimonial to put across the excellence within the nomination.
  • Putting together a good submission takes time so don’t leave it to the last minute.
  • Focus and collect all the information and supporting documents needed.
  • The judges are using up their own time to judge many submissions so make sure your entries are easy to read and your information is communicated effectively & efficiently.
  • We do not require war & peace!!!

Entering more than one nomination

To enter the same company for more than one category, you will have to complete one form for each entry.

Other Queries

If you have any queries or problems submitting this form, please email

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