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Established in 2011, the Highway Electrical Association (HEA) is a trade association with a history expanding over 65 years. The HEA was formed by the amalgamation of ASLEC (The Association of Signals, Lighting and other Highway Electrical Contractors) and HEMSA (The Highway Electrical Manufacturers and Suppliers Association). The HEA is one of the largest and most influential bodies within the sector, representing over 100 organisations whose contract services range from street lighting and traffic signals to highway communications. In addition, the HEA represents HEA-HEMSA members who design, manufacture, assemble, supply and distribute equipment into the highway electrical sector. The HEA’s main objectives are:

To be a professional membership organisation relevant to the highway electrical sector. We achieve this by:

  • Contributing to policy development affecting the sector by maintaining influential and constructive relationships with the Government and other bodies in the UK
  • Playing a key role in the identification and dissemination of good practice through NHSS’s, auditing and the exchange of knowledge and information
  • Promoting the status of the HEA, HEA-HEMSA Members and the importance of the profession to stakeholders

To provide services that meet the needs of members and other stakeholders. We achieve this by:

  • Maintaining effective external communications and public relations to promote the HEA and its members’ interests
  • Adding value to membership through communication, networking, technical interaction and support

To facilitate and lead the development of qualifications and training. We achieve this by:

  • Taking a key role in influencing qualifications and training in the industry, offering membership for appropriate personnel in the sector, whether qualified academically, professionally or through experience
  • Promoting professionalism, qualifications and continuous learning opportunities appropriate to the needs of the members

The HEA and HEA-HEMSA councils:

The HEA is overseen by member representatives who make up the HEA and HEA-HEMSA councils. These councils are responsible for strategy and policy including:

  • Establishing the strategic direction of the HEA
  • Agreeing objectives for approval by members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Overseeing the overall performance of the HEA
  • The appointment and remuneration of the Chief Executive
  • Agreeing with the appointment and discharge of auditors

HEA Presidents:



Upcoming Events

13 JUN 2024
HEA Golf Day | Whittlebury Park Golf & Country Club -

Whittlebury Park Golf & Country Club, Whittlebury, Northampton, NN12 8QH

14 NOV 2024
AGM Conference & Exhibition 2024 -

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